My Work

I like to work with a variety of seasonal and local products whenever possible, they are meant to be fresher, better handled and more traceable. But, I am also very curious of all sorts of food and flavors, I have traveled enough to be at ease with a wide array of products from faraway places.

I prefer to work for small gatherings, the organization is simple, and it allows me to keep my focus on the food. What I love about what I do, is to make people happy with good food. I want to be able to witness some satisfaction on people’s face when they eat.

I am very passionate about what I do, which I like to think, is translated into my work.

Emmanuelle Denaclara

My expatriate life has enabled me to enrich my traditional French cuisine flavors, spices and techniques that have come to be the delight of my guests. I studied cooking at the School of St Louis from Montargis and have my BTS Hospitality and catering, cuisine option. I have traveled the world since 1997.

I have spent the last several years traveling the world I have settled here in Houston. My travels took me to so many different places like the Congo, Greece, Italy, Venezuela,  Dubai (UAE), , Angola and Abu Dhabi (UAE). One constant in all of my travels was the art of cuisine and I immersed myself in learning the flavors that make each culture unique. The fun is integrating the different flavors into my cuisine. 

 I have a professional training rigor that has always been the essential foundation to my many culinary adaptations to the diversity of countries where we lived as a family. For 5 years in Houston now, I am finally established as a Home Chef, developing my company Wild Thyme Cuisine.

 Whether you want an elegant sit down dinner for 6 people or a buffet for 15, I put all my culinary resources at your disposal.

 I remain, knives sharpened and scale adjusted at your disposition, for you to taste a little more